freddy is the main antagonist in five nights at freddy's 1 and 2

fredbears family diner Edit

in five nights at freddy's 2 there was a take cake to the children minigame. this minigame could take place at fredbears family diner 1. its a small establishment 2. there's only one anamatronic but according to a table chart bonnie chica, foxy, and golden freddy are in the establishment too.

freddy's inactivity Edit

during he first 2 nights freddy does not move but instead he try's to study your play style

trivia Edit

  • freddy is the only anamaronic with a microphone
  • according to phone guy fredbears family diner took place in 1987 and freddy was named fredbear "probaly because the owner's name was fred"
  • freddy is the only anamatronic that laughs "aside from golden freddy"

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